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Proudly introduces
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Changing the casting industry by creating a thriving and bustling community where talents & clients are fully in control of their own personal profile data and financial transactions.

Working towards our ICO
available 2019!

Working towards our ICO
available 2019!

iCasting & Talent Token in a nutshell

Our goal is to create a global, self-sustaining talent marketplace utilizing blockchain technology to connect talent and clients as simply and easily as possible.

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iCasting facts & figures

Since its establishment in 2013 iCasting has gathered a tremendous amount of talents, clients and data. Here are some facts and figures.




Pilot launch Netherlands

2,1 million

Seed investments



Anyone with talent is welcome to register for an account, regardless of experience, gender, age, appearance or ethnic identity. Signing up is completely free.



Everyone who is looking for a talent can register for free with iCasting. As a client, an individual, a company or a brand.



Since our pilot launch in the Netherlands we succesfully matched more than 35.000 talents.

Changing the casting industry using the blockchain technology

Decentralized casting process
Smart contracts
Payment escrow
Full control of profile data and financial transactions
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iCasting blockchain - talent token

Tokenize the community

The iCasting Events are an important element of the tokenized ecosystem. The community, both talents and professionals, can buy tickets, products, foods and drinks, workshops and merchandise at the events, all with the Talent Token. Visiting events and participating in workshops is rewarded with higher profile ratings and automatically saved to the talent’s profile on the blockchain.

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So many features

Self-sustaining community

A community that actively contributes to the platform is rewarded with Talent Token for a wide range of activities.

Smart contracts

A secured booking process where all crucial information from the mutual agreement is written into the smart contract.

Decentralized casting process

All connecting, hiring, payment and agreement processes are completely decentralized and are executed on the blockchain.

Tokenized ecosystem

A wide range of distinctive features and services on the platform that can be unlocked with Talent Token.

Blockchain Reputation Program

Traceable and immutable storage of reputation statistics, bringing transparency and credibility to the market.

Unique matching algorithm
Payment escrow
iCasting Academy
iCasting Events
iCasting tokenization - talent token

A wide range of platform and live features combined with a reward program to encourage community activity.

Unique matching algorithm

A unique matching algorithm that creates the perfect match between client and talent, based on detailed search inquiries and talent profiles.

Payment escrow

A guarantee of safe, secured and insured talent fee payments for both clients and talents.

iCasting Academy

Online courses and lessons for talent development. 24/7 cross-platform and cross-device available, anywhere and anytime.

iCasting Events

Live events for connecting talents and professionals, cross-selling products and services and utilizing partnership advantages.

For more details about tokenization, download our whitepaper

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The advisory board adds a great proven track record in successful ICOs and blockchain projects and adds valuable knowledge on finance, legal and tax regulations.

iCasting advisor - Richard Kastelein - talent token

Richard Kastelein

ICO Advisor

Founder of industry publication Blockchain News (acquired in 2017) , partner at ICO services collective CryptoAssets Design Group, director of education company Blockchain Partners (Oracle Partner) - Richard Kastelein is an award-winning publisher & entrepreneur. He sits on the advisory boards of a dozen Blockchain startups (ICOs) & has written over 1500 articles on Blockchain technology at Blockchain News & has also published on ICOs in Harvard Business Review & Venturebeat.

Kastelein holds and honourary Ph.D. and is Chair Professor at Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software & Technology (Blockchain Faculty) in China.

Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels) on Blockchain in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Eindhoven, Gdansk, Groningen, the Hague, Helsinki, Linz, London, Manchester, Minsk, Nairobi, Nanchang, Penang, Phuket, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Venice, Visakhapatnam & Zurich.

He's a Canadian (Dutch/Irish/English/Métis) whose writing career has ranged from the Canadian Native Press (Arctic) to the Caribbean & Europe. He's written for Harvard Business Review, Wired, Venturebeat, The Guardian - and has been translated into Dutch, Greek, Polish, German & French.

iCasting advisor - Steven Deurloo - talent token

Steven Deurloo

Financial Advisor

Steven Deurloo is an experienced financial Advisor. In 1992 Steven gained degrees in both law and economics. He specialised in arranging structured debt and equity transactions ranging from small informal investments to large public an private placements. Steven lived and worked in Amsterdam, London and Tokyo at KPMG Tax Lawyers, Citibank, ING Bank, global hedge fund Stark Investments and he is a founding partner of ThoroFinance. Steven is an investor in innovation driven startups and an advisor of ICO/Token Sale projects specialised in dealing with various non-tech aspects such as contracts and legal structures, government regulations, tax but also business development, investors, timing and planning of ICOs.

iCasting advisor - Casper Jaspers - talent token

Casper Jaspers

Legal Advisor

Casper was a corporate attorney at a Amsterdam based law firm. Fascinated by the impact of blockchain on business models and corporate governance, he now advises clients on blockchain to develop business opportunities. Casper also works together with startups on initial coin offerings and has tested various crypto assets on their strengths and weaknesses. He co-authored a leading book on Dutch corporate governance.

iCasting advisor - Peter Vogelaar - talent token

Peter Vogelaar

Strategic Advisor

Peter Vogelaar is a strategic investment advisor for growth companies focusing on bringing together bright ideas, motivated entrepreneurs and committed investors through his company Strategyfunders. He holds a degree in business studies from Nyenrode University and is an accredited Supervisory Board member. He has worked in the banking industry in various roles and functions, comprising senior finance and risk management positions. As investor he is active in both Fintech and Retail companies and has a number of advisory board positions. Peter is convinced that Blockchain technology is the key to a next phase of making businesses and networks more efficient and productive. Therefore he is active in the ICO landscape from financial, payments solutions and risk management perspective.

iCasting advisor - Sieuwert van Otterloo - talent token

Sieuwert van Otterloo

IT Advisor

Sieuwert has a background in mathematics and artificial intelligence. After graduating in Utrecht he obtained a Computer Science Ph.D. in Liverpool. Sieuwert has a passion for software technology and for solving business challenges, and combine these passions in his daily life as management consultant. To give the best advice possible, Sieuwert focus on two things: first of all to see many different organisations: from small technology startups to large banks and energy companies, fast-growing midsize companies and not-for- profit organisations. Secondly he collaborate with other g and organisations and to share knowledge, e.g. by teaching at universities.

He started his career at McKinsey&Company as a consultant (associate) and later became IT auditor at Software Improvement Group. Around this time he also started investing in startups in order to have direct access to startup experience (and to help people get their startups off the ground). One thing led to another and he became founder /editor of, a large startup blog, started a better IT advisory firm with a group of friends, joined Node1 (a boutique consultancy firm) as partner and became a professional IT-legal expert so he can answer technology related legal questions.


The team behind iCasting is a combination of experienced managers, skilled professionals, blockchain experts and entrepreneurs with a proven trackrecord in marketing, development, ICOs and startups.

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iCasting Talent Token logo

350,000,000 Talent Tokens

259,000,000 Talent Tokens (TLNT) will be distributed among Token Sale participants.

  • €13.75 million

    Hard Cap

  • 192,500,000 TLNT

    Tokens for sale

  • €0.07

    Price of token

  • Ethereum (ETH)

    Accepted currency

  • 55% ICO Crowdsale

  • 4% Advisors & Ambassadors

  • 19% Bonus

  • 5% Investors

  • 12% Founders & Team

  • 5% iCasting Bounty

Network overview

Our end-goal is to create a self-sustaining market for the global talent industry. A completely safe and secure market where talents and clients are in full control of their own personal profile data and financial agreements and where the connecting, hiring, payment and agreement processes between talents and clients worldwide are completely decentralized.

iCasting platform

Talent Wallet




Storage layer


User profiles

iCasting platform

Talent Wallet




Storage layer


User profiles

Roadmap project

Our journey into the international spotlight.


  • First round of funding - €330,000
  • Company registration
  • Opening iCasting office
  • Employment of iCasting team
  • Development iCasting beta

First round of funding

This year marked the official start of iCasting. The company saw it’s registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and we put a great team together. Thanks to the funding we could finally start making a change in the talent casting industry.


  • Second round of funding - €330,000
  • Team expansion
  • Development iCasting 1.0

Second round of funding

With an ever broadening view of our future we saw a need and an opportunity. With the second funding round we got to introduce more members to our team. With their help our great team got to work towards the launch of the platform.


  • Third round of funding - €740,000
  • Launch of iCasting in the Netherlands
  • Partnership RTL (largest TV network in the NL) & Fedde le Grand
  • Start marketing campaign NL

Third round of funding

A most exciting time for our team at iCasting. We completed the 1.0 platform and launched it in our home country. We saw great partnership deals and an ever increasing user database. Thanks to another round of funding our platform is about to become one of the markets greatest newcomers.


  • Development iCasting 2.0
  • Marketing campaign NL
  • User database growth to 75,000+ talents & 850+ clients

Expanding to the unimaginable

A great year for us to remember. Our user database grew to a size we couldn't have imagined thanks to our campaigning efforts. With a team hungry for more we started the next step in our journey, a 2.0 platform, ready to service an even larger amount of people with "or looking for" a talent.


  • Fourth round of funding - €625,000
  • Launch of
  • Release of iCasting 2.0: improved user experience and more advanced backend system
  • User database growth to 140,000+ talents & 1500 clients
  • Development Mobile iOS and Android app beta
  • Welcoming blockchain experts

Fourth round of funding

We always keep our eyes open for an advancement in needs with our talents and clients. We not only want to see our talents land jobs, but also learn new skills. That’s why we introduced, an educational platform for all our users. This year also saw the release of a the 2.0 platform, with the possibility to reach iCasting wherever and whenever.


  • Technical upgrade database and servers for global launch
  • Launch teaser website
  • Development Talent Token & smart contracts
  • ICO campaign launch (including whitepaper & ICO website
  • US talents & clients sign up integration
  • Private presale & whitelist presale Talent Token
  • Talent Token & smart contract beta integration

Getting ready for global

Here is where our developments get even more interesting. With some additions to our team we started to develop our own cryptocurrency, The Talent Token, and the smart contracts with it.


  • The ICO
  • Launch of Talent Token
  • Users receive wallets & Talent Tokens
  • Smart contract integration
  • International launch Phase 1
  • Talent Token listed at cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Extended blockchain features integration
  • Global expansion
  • Global marketing & PR campaign

Talent Token integration & ICO

With the launch of the ICO, a major milestone for iCasting as a company, we open up the possibilities of the Talent Token and smart contracts to all of our talents and clients. Users and clients can now start experiencing the benefits of blockchain technology with their own wallets and Talent Tokens.


  • iCasting API available for third party integrations

Third parties

We have made some great achievements at this point. It’s time to share.

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  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020